Week Four


Cherry Tree, PA – Fairview, PA


We spent a few days in Cherry Tree to finalize business stuff. 


Mom McKeehen made Ron his favorite lunch – Flossie’s baked Macaroni & cheese.


Cherry Tree was named for a huge wild black cherry tree that once stood on a point of land where Cush Cushion Creek joined the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.  It was here that the river became too shallow for canoes to go further and hence the name "Canoe Place".   In 1804 the Commonwealth created the counties of Cambria, Clearfield and Indiana, all cornering on the cherry tree.


We said “see you soon” to some old friends.


Next stop:  Fairview.  We drove north to see Nancy’s family.  “The toys” photo on the Home page was taken in Fairview.  The photo on this page was our view out the front windows.  Jane & Greg – neighbors of Nancy’s parents – graciously let us park in the “back 40” of their driveway.


Since the leaves had started to turn, we knew that winter on the Great Lakes wasn’t that far away.


Winter Is Fast Approaching on Lake Erie