Weeks One, Two and Three


Hampton Beach, NH -- Tamworth, NH – Fryeburg, ME




Our final weeks in New England were spent with friends at Hampton Beach, Tamworth and the Fryeburg fair.


Hampton, NH --We spent a few days at one of our favorite NH State Parks – Hampton Beach.  We certainly couldn’t leave the area without chowing down on a fresh live “lobsta” one last time and Sue and John joined us.  Sue and I went to Franklin Pierce together and were colleagues at PeopleSoft.  The four of us will always remember our “all you can eat” lobster at Barrett’s in Boston.  We had stopped for dinner on our way to an oldies concert at City Plaza and let’s just say that restaurant records were almost broken by John and leave it at that.   John is a wonderful cook and we’ll certainly miss his dinner parties.


Hampton Beach State Park—Breaker Wall at Mouth of the River


Hampton Beach State Park sits (28 sites  -- flat, graveled, full-hookups) at the mouth of the Hampton River where it enters the Atlantic Ocean.  The Park Manager, Karen, is a camper herself.  Generally, you can find her 5th wheel set up close to the office from mid-April to mid-November.   Look for her dashing around the park on her scooter.  (This picture is your view from your site.)


NOTE:  Reservations are hard to get.  NH runs a lottery system for the State Park System and believe it or not the lottery starts December 26th for the following camping season.  If you are interested in staying at Hampton Beach or any of the other NH Parks, check out this link:   www.nhparks.state.nh.us


FYI. . .We didn’t have the time to stay here one last time but wanted to mention that our second favorite NH State Park is Ellacoya in Gilford.  Ellacoya has over 30 sites (flat, grassy, full-hookups) that overlook Lake Winnepasaukee.  Services include a public beach area as well as a public boat launch.  The Park Host couple, Bob and Janice, is responsible for getting us hooked on RVing.


Tamworth, NH--We were fortunate enough to see a moose just a couple days before leaving New Hampshire.  Our landlords – Frank & Phyllis – pounded on the side of the coach early one morning around 6:15 am to let us know that there was a moose but a mere 20 yards off the front of our coach.  I (Nancy) hadn’t seen one in the 12 years that we had lived in New Hampshire.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the camera flash turned off in time to get a picture before Fred (we affectionately named him) sauntered into the woods.  For the next three mornings, we left apples for Fred’s breakfast but never saw him again.

That same morning while driving out to the street, a flock of wild turkeys decided that it was time to cross the road right in front of the Jeep.


Update as of early November:  Phyllis recently let us know that the wildlife sightings in their backyard this Fall now include a black bear!



Our Landlords -- Frank, Phyllis (and Mork, the Maine Coon Cat)


Wild Turkeys – Tamworth, NH




Fryeburg Fair, ME 2003



Fryeburg, ME--The Fryeburg fair was very cool!  This was our 6th year and proved to be better than ever.

Good friends, lots of junk food and great weather helped make it unforgettable.  The fair keeps getting bigger and bigger each year.  It also seems like the campsites are getting smaller or is it that our coaches are getting bigger! 


George & Carole were with us as well as Ron & Cindy.  We (the girls) shopped ‘til we dropped and then shopped some more.   The guys had other ideas. . .



Johnny Walker Time, , ,



The weather was beautiful except for Sunday when it rained and was overcast.


Lots of other old friends were also in attendance and it was great to be able to say ciao to everyone!